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Loving care when you can't be there ...

We are a family-run business, offering an array of Pet Care services to private clients. Our ethos is based around providing our customers with a discreet, flexible and professional service. Of paramount importance to the team at SnuffleWuffle, is the love and care we give to your pets. Whether you require ad-hoc or regular care, you are provided with a dedicated SnuffleWuffle Pet Carer who consistently provides a high level of care.

There is always a pre-meet with our proposed Pet Carer (for which a small fee is charged in terms of mileage for our team member to travel to/from your home).  The pre-meet is an opportunity for chat through care requirements, head out for a dog walk together, and show our Pet Carer where your pets provisions are kept in your home.

After the pre-meet, care dates/timings are confirmed with you and a Registration Form is sent to you for completion.  The information on the form helps us to adhere to Animal Welfare Regulations and Wiltshire Council Licensing Rules and helps our pet carer to get to know your pet.

We 'pencil' your dates into our bookings calendar, and request payment up to one week prior to the commencement of care. We do not operate a non-refundable deposit scheme and if you need to alter your dates, or postpone care, we are more than happy to accommodate this request and will apply a 'credit' to your account for payments already made.

If you are experiencing health issues with any of your pets, as an existing client, we are happy to provide you with advice, free-of-charge.  In addition, we obtain natural/healthy dog treats from our suppliers at a discounted rate, and we are more than happy to pass this discount onto our regular client, if they would like to order treats through us.

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Socialisation & Fun

We have a number of longstanding clients who use one or a combination of, SNUFFLEWUFFLE Dog Care services: Day Care, Home Boarding, Walks and Visits and House/Dog Sitting.  Regardless of what type of dog you have or how old it is, we can provide a service to suit your schedule and your dog's needs.

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Familiar Environment

Our clients use the SNUFFLEWUFFLE Cat Visiting service when they go away for a few days, or on a longer holiday. Many prefer not to put their cat into a Cattery, and feel more comfortable in the knowledge that their cat remains in their own home environment whilst they are away. We provide a dedicated Pet Carer to visit your cat on a daily basis up to twice a day.



Specialist Help

Worried about who will feed and check on the well-being of your small pets when you can't be there? SNUFFLEWUFFLE has a team of experienced Pet Carers who visit a wide array of smaller pets including hamsters, rabbits, guinea pigs, chickens, geese, ducks, birds, reptiles and exotic pets.


Thank you so so much for looking after Charlie yesterday.  It sounded like he was a good boy for you and enjoyed his walks and time in the garden.  Absolutely amazing service, thank you again.

Gemma (Devizes) - Dog Walking Service

It’s so reassuring to know that Pixz is in safe hands when I have to leave her. I really appreciate the updates I receive during the visits. Pixz loves Sara’s visits and they have developed a lovely routine. Consequently, Pixz is not stressed out about being left and there have been no ‘accidents’.

Suzy (Westbury) - Dog Visiting Service

Love your services. Always helpful and considerate for our dog Oscar, meeting his needs. He loves your company and we feel reassured that someone is here to keep an eye on him when we are away.

Ruth (Devizes) - House/Dog Sitting Service

Sara was lovely when she came to meet us and our two cats before looking after them.  Both of our cats are rescued and so can be unsure of people.  However, Sara was very quiet and caring with them and they seemed to be relaxed around her from the very first meeting which really put as at ease.

Jess (Westbury) - Cat Visiting Service



We pride ourselves in responding to our clients' communications very quickly. We are happy to be contacted by email, text message or phone call. By using our Booking Enquiry Form, this helps us to gather the initial information that we require, in order to swiftly ascertain whether we have team member availability for your care dates.  Booking enquiries are usually accommodated within a 24 to 36-hour period.  


We aim to provide you with the same dedicated Pet Carer. This not only provides consistency for your pets, enabling them to get to know and trust our team member, it also allows our Pet Carer to get to know your pets well so that if they appear 'off-colour' or not quite themselves, you will be quickly made aware of this.  Our team members are very carefully chosen for their love of, and experience with, animals. They are fully vetted, DBS checked, insured, and licensed by the Local Authority, where applicable.


We do not ask for an upfront payment or a deposit to secure your booking.  Your pet care dates are 'pencilled in' to our Bookings Calendar and if you need to alter these slightly, then we are happy to do this, without penalising you, since we understand that arrangements can change.  If you have already paid for care dates, we will happily apply a 'credit' to your account, to be offset against your future SnuffleWuffle pet care requirements.


Our annual Registration Fee (discounted annually), covers initial costs of administration and proceeds of which go to our chosen pet charity - a local rescue centre, where each dog sadly is unable to be placed in a family home due to behavioural issues.  The centre, rather than having the dogs euthanased, provides them with ongoing care, and we do our bit to help, by providing regular monthly deliveries of high-quality dog food.


We are pleased to be able to pass on discounts from our dog treat suppliers - JR Pet Products and Anco Pet Products, along with Equine, Canine and other pet supplies from Aqueos.  Simply drop us an email to enquire about products and discounts.  In addition, if you would like to leave us a review of our services, we will apply a £5 discount to your account as a 'thank you'. 


The services that we provide to our clients are "private", we do not turn up in a uniform, or liveried vehicle, for the simple reason that we prefer not to 'advertise' the presence of pets in our care ... since you never know who could be 'watching'.

Our Pet Carers cover the following towns, and their outlying villages:


If we don't currently offer a pet care service in your area, it's always worth getting in touch, since we are regularly adding new members to our dedicated team.

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Thank you for your interest in our business.

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