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Sarah, who has had dogs all her life, started looking after them for home boarding through an organisation, who very sadly didn’t provide the support and emergency cover that they said they would. Consequently, Sarah decided to start-up her own dog care business to ensure that she was delivering a service that she was happy with, and more importantly, that her customers expected.  The business has been operating for 5 years, and Sarah prides herself in having a retained team of Pet Carers - she believes in paying them well, and provides ongoing support to each team member, to ensure they are happy and have everything that they need to undertake their SnuffleWuffle Pet Carer role. 

"As with any business, there are lots of things that we learn along the way.  We are incredibly lucky to have a wonderful team of dedicated Pet Carers, without whom this wouldn’t all be possible. We continually have people applying to join our team, and this is due in part to the support that we provide to each team member, but more importantly, the fact that we reward our Pet Carers by paying them well. All too often, other similar organisations take a massive proportion of what the client pays, leaving very little for the pet carer, who at the end of the day, is doing the most important job of all! Because we have a retained team base, this does mean that our customers can book with the same Pet Carer each time. Not only does this provide consistency for our clients, it also enables our team member to form a close and loving bond with the animals in their care.  We provide each team member with insurance cover for them to care for our clients' animals, and pet provisions as and when they need them.  Furthermore, they are DBS checked, pet first aid trained and licensed by the Local Authority, where applicable."

Sarah and her daughter Eloise, are responsible for the day-to-day running of the business, including managing bookings, marketing, business development and recruitment.  Sarah is also available 24/7 to provide advice to team members in case of any pet emergencies.

A new addition to the SnuffleWuffle brand is hand-baked Dog Biscuits and the provision of other pet treats and toys.  "We had to 'jump through a number of hoops', before we were able to start trading as a pet treat manufacturer and we were so pleased when Wiltshire Council's provided us with our Registration No. Our products are proving popular with our Pet Care Clients and Local Shops and we look forward to expanding into dog-friendly cafés and other retail outlets.


When Sarah and Eloise aren't busy in the office or meeting up with our team members, you will find them ensconced in the SnuffleWuffle Kitchen, producing super-healthy & delicious biscuits.

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