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At SNUFFLEWUFFLE, we provide an extensive range of dog care services. With a dedicated caregiver, a bond is quickly formed between your dog and it's 'second best friend'. We look after a variety of dogs, from puppies to those that are more elderly, some who are nervous/anxious, and others who are injured. One of our dog care services is likely to fit with your requirements and as well as home-from-home care, we can also look after your dog in your own home, and take it to the vet, if you are unable to do so.

Day Care

Let’s Have Some Fun

Your dog is cared for up to a 10-hour period for day care, in a loving home-from-home environment.  This service is used by SNUFFLEWUFFLE clients who don't want to leave their dog home alone, whilst they go out to work, or they have the opportunity to head out for the day to somewhere special. With 2-3 daily walks, natural treats, social interaction and play with adults, children and other dogs, and a selection of dog toys to play with, they have a wonderful time in the care of one of our caregivers.  You will receive text and/or email updates from your dedicated Pet Care Pal with photos of your dog having fun.


Up to 10 hours (one dog): £24.00

Up to 10 hours (two dogs) £36.00

Up to 10 hours (three dogs) £48.00

Any additional hours are charged on a pro-rata hourly basis.

Home Boarding


Your dog is looked after for a period of 24-hours+ in one of our SNUFFLEWUFFLE caregiver's homes. This is a great service to choose if you are away for a night, weekend, or going away on holiday. Your dog is quickly incorporated into a family environment and as well as enjoying 2-3 daily walks, will be provided with natural treats, social interaction and play with adults, children and other dogs, as well as having a selection of dog toys to play with. You will receive a text and/or email update with photos of your dog having fun. We welcome more than one dog from the same family.


Up to 24-hours (one dog): £28.80

Up to 24-hours (two dogs): £43.20

Up to 24-hours (three dogs): £57.60

Each additional period of up to 24-hours is charged as above.

Walks & House Visits

Out and About

Our SNUFFLEWUFFLE house visiting and walking service is suitable for puppies, elderly or infirm dogs, or those that simply prefer to have a walk on their own, without the company of other dogs (although we can provide some doggy socialisation on a walk, if this is what you would like). Our caregiver supplies poo pick-up bags and will walk your dog either from your home, or transport it by car to a favoured local walking area.


30 minute walk/visit : £8.00

45 minute walk/visit: £10.00

60 minute walk/visit: £12.00

A £5.00 surcharge is applied for each additional dog from the same family. A mileage fee of 45p per mile is applicable for our caregiver to travel to/from your home.

House & Pet Sitting


If your dog suffers with separation anxiety, doesn't get on with other dogs, is 'in season', recovering from treatment, or a bit 'under the weather', this is a great option to choose. With familiar sights and smells around your dog, this will provide comfort and ensure that your dog is really settled in your absence. Our SNUFFLEWUFFLE caregiver will look after your dog, providing it with all the love, care and attention that it needs. Your dedicated carer will also administer any medication, clean feeding area and bowls, feed your dog and replenish water supplies. In addition, small household tasks can be undertaken, such as gathering up post, watering plants, putting bins out.


Up to 8 hours: £36.00

Up to 24-hours: £42.00

For periods of more than 24-hours (weekends / weeks), simply multiply the charges above. For each additional dog, or group of larger pets, a £5 daily supplement is charged and for smaller pets, a £2.50 daily surcharge is applicable.  A mileage fee of 45p per mile is applicable for our caregiver to travel to/from your home at the beginning and end of the assignment.

Vet & Dog Groomer Visits

Complementary Care

We provide additional complementary services to our SNUFFLEWUFFLE clients. There are times when your dog may need to go to the vet or dog groomer, and you aren't available to take him/her yourself. One of our Pet Care Pals will be happy to do this on your behalf and will report back to you at the end of the visit.


Vet Visit (30 mins): £8.00

Dog Groomer Visit: (45 mins): £10.00

A £3.50 surcharge is applied for taking each additional dog from the same family to the vet or dog groomer. A mileage fee of 45p per mile is applicable for our caregiver to travel to/from the vet/dog groomer.

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