Dog Day Care Reviews

Our clients use our day care service when they are heading off to work, or going out for the day.  We provide regular weekly day care for their dogs, or, ad-hoc care.  Here's what a few of them have said about our Pet Carer's day care provision.

Brown Dogs


The SnuffleWuffle team was friendly and helpful from the outset and have provided an excellent service over the last few years, primarily for doggy day care.  Linda is wonderful in providing a home from home for our Cocker Spaniel.  He loves his days there - bounding in and then returning home happy and worn out!  Would highly recommend.


I have been meaning to drop you a line to say again how happy Tizzy is to go to spend time with Linda.  Her and David offer outstanding care for Tizzy and the other dogs.  I think she is a valuable member of your team and a good advert for SnuffleWuffle.  I always feel very happy leaving Tizzy with her.


Sarah is very friendly, professional and caring. We trust her with Dexter 100%. He is learning some very good habits from her 2 dogs. We know for sure that he is treated well and gets plenty of exercise as he loves going there and spends most of the next day sleeping after doggy day care. Sarah gave us some really good advice regarding nutrition and feeding and Dexter's waistline is slowly coming back.


We simply couldn't do without you. We know Isla is cared for, loved and safe when she is with you, and we don't worry for a second - you are a home from home for her. You have become a very important part of our life - thank you for everything. And for the excellent advice you give too.


Cheryl has looked after our two dogs, twice a week or more, for a couple of years now, and which allows us to go to work.  We know the dogs are safe and very much enjoy it when there are other dogs there too.  Cheryl is very flexible when we have had last minute changes to our work plans and we are very grateful for this.  We would definitely recommend SnuffleWuffle to other dog owners and indeed, already have.


Like many of you I do not think of my pet, (which in my case is a Boxer Dog) as a pet ! He is a family member and as such is loved and treated in the same way as everyone else.  It was therefore a very difficult decision for me to ‘allow’ him to go to doggy day care, (as of course nobody would look after him like me, and he would be sad), but circumstances meant he would have to go none the less.


Where to start, so many to choose from, and are the reviews real ? (always a dark thought), my experience was, I rang around lots of people who for one reason or another, (some down to apathy I think), were unable to help at short notice, then a friend of mine suggested “why don’t you give that place in the ‘Bishops Canning’ magazine a call”, so I did, and found myself talking to Sarah, she was great, reassuring, and said she would come to see ‘Hector’ in a couple of hours, (I think really she was checking me out !).


Well I need not have worried, from the moment I saw Sarah with ‘Hector’ I knew her love for the job was genuine, I arranged for ‘Hector’ to have a trial day, throughout the day Sarah sent me some pictures of ‘Hector’ with his new doggy pals’ and she was very patient with my ‘checking in emails and calls,’  and when I phoned to say I had been delayed and would be (2) hours late picking him up Sarah made me feel at ease as said not to worry.


When I arrived to pick ‘Hector’ up Sarah invited me in so I could meet the other dogs and her set up, (which was doggy heaven), lots of toys, beds and a great sense of fun and love.  Since the first day I have now used Sarah several times and never worry for one minute, so much so that ‘Hector’ has enjoyed ‘night boarding’ .


In summary, I don’t’ think anyone would be disappointed when choosing Sarah to care for their pets, she is a natural and indeed I have not looked back since, the only person who looks back is ‘Hector’ – back to Sarah’s door that is as he never wants to come home ! and I can see what a marvellous bond they have, so thanks Sarah I am looking forward to my first holiday abroad in ages, and I know ‘Hector’ will also feel he is on holiday!


I can't tell you how impressed I am with your service. There were two big challenges to face (Kennel Cough and short notice) and you guys did everything to accommodate my needs. Just wanted to express my sincere gratitude for a fabulous and very professional service. What a lovely lady Linda is, Monty seemed reluctant to leave - he has been well pampered.


Having recently moved to Devizes we were searching for doggy day care for our beloved Boston Terrier, Buster. Finding Sarah and her team has been exactly what we were looking for. SNUFFLEWUFFLE provides a home away from home service that meets our busy schedules and gives us peace of mind while at work or away on holiday. Buster loves spending time with his carers and we love getting a very happy dog home at the end of the day!"