Our team members offer their pet care services in and around Devizes and Westbury.  


Each of our Pet Carers is DBS checked, dog first aid trained, and receive continued professional development training. 

We ask our clients for regular feedback with regards to the services provided by each of our team members, so that we can ensure our quality of service remains high.


Based in Salisbury, Sarah is the founder and owner of SNUFFLEWUFFLE and has previously worked with numerous FTSE 100 companies in Financial PR, Marketing and Corporate Communications in London and Bristol.  She set up the pet care business in 2015 and loves looking after client's pets, and providing help and advice, when asked.  In her spare time, Sarah loves 'crafting', and can be seen with her head bent over her sewing machine, painting a household item, or with a bundle of wool and knitting needles in hand, (when she's not busy with the business, or looking after her family's needs).  The family's dogs are Poppy, a Collie/Lab cross, and Maia, her daughter from her second litter. Puppies from both of Poppy's litters have been homed in Wiltshire, and this means that the family get to see Poppy's sons and daughters on a fairly regular basis.  There is also a rescue rabbit - Doris, who did have a mate until recently; trying to find a suitable replacement for 'Dave' is proving trickier than anticipated. Sarah loves cooking and has recently switched to whole food plant-based meals, which is proving to have amazing health benefits and she does her best to swim a mile five times a week.  Sarah provides a dog walking and small pet visiting service to clients in and around Salisbury.  She also undertakes a house and pet sitting service across Wiltshire.  Sarah is Dog First Aid trained.


Cheryl has lived in the Devizes area for a number of years.  She has twin girls, Charlotte and Aimee and one Yorkshire Terrier.  Cheryl enjoys spending time with her family, taking walks along the canal, swimming, meeting up with friends and going out to the cinema or watching a good film/reading a book at home. Cheryl has always been around dogs and provides a home visiting service to dogs and small animals, as well as regular dog walking for a number of SnuffleWuffle's clients.


Linda is a retired Primary School Teacher, having been in the profession for all of her working life. She considers herself to be fairly fit (for her age!) and enjoys spending time outdoors - weather permitting. She regularly looks after SnuffleWuffle's clients' dogs for day care and home boarding, ably assisted by her husband David. Having SnuffleWuffle guest dogs in her home, gives her daily walking an added purpose!  Linda provides SnuffleWuffle pet care services in the Devizes area.


Sarah is Mum to two children aged 11 and 12 years and a private part-time teacher of Spanish, Italian and English. She is married to Nick who is a Challenging Behaviour Nurse Specialist in Wiltshire. Sara loves walking, cycling and knitting. There are four pets in the house.  Sara says that she has a happy home and they welcome all visitors with two or four legs. Everyone is treated with kindness and respect, especially those with fur! Sarah provides a dog walking and pet visiting service for SnuffleWuffle and is dog first aid trained.


Katherine has always been surrounded by animals - cats, dogs, mice, rats, guinea pigs - and even chickens and goats in her pioneering days in Canada.  Since settling into her golden years, Katherine and doggie companion Percy, a young Jackshund (Jack Russel, rough-haired Dackshund mix), enjoy exploring the fields and woods of Wiltshire.  Katherine has been a playwright, potter, and painter; enjoys reading, meditating, and thoughts of foreign travel...  Since joining Snufflewuffle a few years ago, Katherine offers pet home visits, small pet sitting, some leisurely dog walking, visits to the vet - and a little wellness ‘healing’ added for good measure.


Eloise is the daughter of Sarah, the business owner, and has been a member of the SnuffleWuffle Team for the last six years.  She graduated from University during "lockdown" and then landed her first career job role, working in HR, shortly afterwards.  Eloise helps to look after the family's dogs and rabbit, and has previously cared for three hamsters of her own.  In her leisure time, she enjoys keeping fit, cooking and spending quality time with family and friends.  During the COVID Pandemic, Eloise enjoyed hiking and exploring new places. She provides a home visit service and house/pet sitting service for SnuffleWuffle's clients.


Barrie has lived in the Devizes area in Wiltshire for 30 years.  Barrie retired recently from the training business he has run with his wife, Clare, for the past 20 years.  He is the proud Dad to two NHS nurses, Alice and Emma.  Barrie enjoys working his allotment and also regular road and mountain bike cycling and walking.  For 15 years, until recently, his beloved Sprollie, Meg, was always at his side.  More recently, he loves spending time with his two cats and his daughter's energetic Hungarian Visla and the newest pet addition to Barrie's home - Nell, a working Cocker Spaniel puppy.  Barrie provides a dog walking, cat/small animal pet visiting, and house/pet sitting service for SnuffleWuffle's clients and is dog first-aid trained.


Clare loves meeting new people and animals and spends as much time as possible outdoors (walking or cycling). Her first career was teaching in secondary schools and for the last 20 years she has run a successful executive coaching and training business with her husband Barrie. Clare has loved animals all her life and although there are currently only two cats at home, she has had dogs, horses and guinea pigs in the past. Clare has recently lost her gorgeous Collie X to old age, but now has a new addition to the family - Nell, a working Cocker Spaniel puppy.  Clare provides a dog walking, cat/small animal pet visiting, and house/pet sitting service for SnuffleWuffle's clients.


Jemma is just completing 2 years’ Animal Management training at Lackham College and has joined the SnuffleWuffle Team to provide house/pet sitting, dog walks and home visits to other pets for SnuffleWuffle's clients.  Jemma’s passion is animals and she has wide-ranging experience of cats, dogs, guinea pigs, rabbits, fish, gerbils and lizards.  She says that working with animals helps her to feel calm and relaxed and it is her dream to become a vet or a zookeeper, specialising in the care of primates or exotic pets.  In her spare time, Jemma loves socialising with her friends and taking care of her cat and two guinea pigs. 


Mel is an animal lover and has experience of looking after a family dog for several months.  She has a cat of her own, and has had cats all her life.  Mel is an award-winning Potter, running her own successful Wiltshire-based business - PotsaboutPottery - and she produces some amazing pieces, including commissions.  She has recently featured a few times on the local radio and is a keen fundraiser for some worthwhile charities.  In her spare time (when she isn't producing functional ceramics, including jewellery), she likes to cycle and swim.  Mel provides house/pet sitting, dog walks and cat/small animal visits to SnuffleWuffle's clients.