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Did you know that dogs love to lick?! 


The process of licking releases endorphins that provide a sense of pleasure and help to relieve stress, which is why some dogs resort to obsessive licking behaviours when they get anxious.


Coconut oil gently elevates metabolism, provides a higher level of energy and vitality, and helps to protect your dog from illness/speeds up healing.  You may notice an improvement in your dog's skin and coat, improved digestion, and a reduction in allergic reactions.  


We have created this bundle to help the stressful, anxious or slightly depressed dog as it provides a calming effect and increases happiness levels.


This foodstuff is not a replacement for your dog's main meals, and we recommend that your dog's meal portion is adjusted accordingly, when providing additional treats.


Usage Guide:

Please refrigerate once opened.  We recommend spreading one tbsp of coconut onto the mat (more if you have a large dog), up to twice a week, or as needed.



100% Raw Organic Coconut Oil, Silicon Licki Mat, Wooden Spreading Spatula. 


Storage Guide:

Store Coconut Oil in a refrigerator, once opened.


Dog Licki Mat Bundle No.4

Colour of Lick Mat
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