We love getting feedback from our clients. As a dedicated Pet Care Service, we're very proud to have gained the trust of our valued clients. They know they can rely on SNUFFLEWUFFLE to take special care of their pets, providing them with the love and attention that they're used to.

"I just wanted to say such a massive thank you for all your help with Nelly.  So quick and efficient from the start and as soon as we met, I knew Nelly would become a loved family member for her holiday.  Such a personal decision, but you were the best choice we could have made.  We loved the updates, pictures and videos while we were away, and know she had a fabulous time playing with Maia and Poppy.  Plus the wonder extra treats and puzzle bowl - a truly personalised service!  Thank you, sincerely, for all your care and kindness.  It meant such a lot to be able to enjoy our family holiday.  Big hugs!"


"Just wanted to say that Nicki is such a star - she makes such a fuss of Monkey that she was so happy and chilled when I got back, like I hadn't been away.  I hate leaving her and it is such a weight off my mind that I know she's looked after so beautifully!  Other people keep her fed and let out and alive, but Nicki manages to make her feel special and not forgotten so she doesn't get anxious at all! Thank you."


Just to say a big thank you to SnuffleWuffle and Sara for looking after our cats last week - Sara sent us lots of lovely texts (and photos!!) and I think that the cats really enjoyed her visits.  She was great. 🙂  We will definitely be in touch with you again for our next leave of absence!


I have been meaning to drop you a line to say again how happy Tizzy is to go to spend time with Linda.  Her and David offer outstanding care for Tizzy and the other dogs.  I think she is a valuable member of your team and a good advert for SnuffleWuffle.  I always feel very happy leaving Tizzy with her.


"Like many of you I do not think of my pet, (which in my case is a Boxer Dog) as a pet ! He is a family member and as such is loved and treated in the same way as everyone else.  It was therefore a very difficult decision for me to ‘allow’ him to go to doggy day care, (as of course nobody would look after him like me, and he would be sad), but circumstances meant he would have to go none the less.

Where to start, so many to choose from, and are the reviews real ? (always a dark thought), my experience was, I rang around lots of people who for one reason or another, (some down to apathy I think), were unable to help at short notice, then a friend of mine suggested “why don’t you give that place in the ‘Bishops Canning’ magazine a call”, so I did, and found myself talking to Sarah, she was great, reassuring, and said she would come to see ‘Hector’ in a couple of hours, (I think really she was checking me out !).

Well I need not have worried, from the moment I saw Sarah with ‘Hector’ I knew her love for the job was genuine, I arranged for ‘Hector’ to have a trial day, throughout the day Sarah sent me some pictures of ‘Hector’ with his new doggy pals’ and she was very patient with my ‘checking in emails and calls,’  and when I phoned to say I had been delayed and would be (2) hours late picking him up Sarah made me feel at ease as said not to worry.

When I arrived to pick ‘Hector’ up Sarah invited me in so I could meet the other dogs and her set up, (which was doggy heaven), lots of toys, beds and a great sense of fun and love.  Since the first day I have now used Sarah several times and never worry for one minute, so much so that ‘Hector’ has enjoyed ‘night boarding’ .

In summary, I don’t’ think anyone would be disappointed when choosing Sarah to care for their pets, she is a natural and indeed I have not looked back since, the only person who looks back is ‘Hector’ – back to Sarah’s door that is as he never wants to come home ! and I can see what a marvellous bond they have, so thanks Sarah I am looking forward to my first holiday abroad in ages, and I know ‘Hector’ will also feel he is on holiday!"


"I can't tell you how impressed I am with your service. There were two big challenges to face (Kennel Cough and short notice) and you guys did everything to accommodate my needs. Just wanted to express my sincere gratitude for a fabulous and very professional service. What a lovely lady Linda is, Monty seemed reluctant to leave - he has been well pampered."


"We simply couldn't do without you. We know Isla is cared for, loved and safe when she is with you, and we don't worry for a second - you are a home from home for her. You have become a very important part of our life - thank you for everything. And for the excellent advice you give too."

Helena & Chris

"I have to say ... fantastic. I was a little worried at first as they are puppies and quite a handful! When we turned up to get them they were both so happy, especially with the other guest dog at Jane's house. They slept the whole of the following day - I think they were tired out. Many thanks and will definitely be using your services again."


"We had a last minute change in circumstances and needed someone to care for Penny for a week. Sarah replied promptly and reassured us that Penny would be cared for by Jane and that she would be our dedicated sitter going forward. We have nothing but praise for the fabulous service and care our beloved Springer Spaniel received from Jane. We received regular updates and photos, including a request to give Penny a bath - we were pleased about this but not so sure if Penny was! We can reassure anyone considering using SnuffleWuffle that their dog will be in good hands. We will definitely be using them again. Once again thank you Jane and Sarah, and Penny sends her love. x"

Alison & Steve

"My dear recently rescued lurcher Alfie is 13 years old and sadly has to cope with three legs and failing eyesight, therefore, going away on holiday was a worry. Sarah and her team were brilliant when Alfie became ill in our absence. I was kept informed (including pictures) and consulted at every stage. Key to his quick recovery, both mentally and physically, was that he was in a 'home from home' environment, being loved and cared for in family surroundings with other little furry friends to play with."


"Sarah is very friendly, professional and caring. We trust her with Dexter 100%. He is learning some very good habits from her 2 dogs. We know for sure that he is treated well and gets plenty of exercise as he loves going there and spends most of the next day sleeping after doggy day care. Sarah gave us some really good advice regarding nutrition and feeding and Dexter's waistline is slowly coming back."

David & Justyna

"Really pleased with the service received from Sarah. Winston had a brilliant time and was cared for as if he were one of her own dogs. The updates sent were great and way beyond the feedback I've received from other places. Lovely to have pictures of him out on his adventures too. Already booked in for our summer break and would highly recommend. Thanks again!"


"Sarah and her team made great efforts to get to know and understand Dotty and the dog walking service they provide is exceptional."

James & Alison

"I approached SNUFFLEWUFFLE (formerly Pet Care Pals) in May 2015 as I wanted my boxer dog Max to have some doggy socialisation and people interaction, I felt he was not getting enough of this. Like most dog owners I was worried about how Max would interact with other dogs and people, Max is 6 years old and quite set in his ways. I met with Sarah and her dogs, with Max, and we discussed Max's needs and how Sarah and her team could help with this. Sarah was very helpful and provided lots of suggestions for us to try over the coming weeks, but unfortunately for Max staying all day at Sarah's house was not going to work for him or Sarah and her other dogs, but going out for a walk with her and her dogs and socialising with her and her other dogs in open spaces proved successful for all. Sarah took on another helper, Cliff, who I was told "loves boxer dogs" and took on Max, for his walks, in July. I have met Cliff several times and have seen how he interacts with Max and vice versa and it is a great relationship they have. In fact, Cliff loves taking Max out so much he has said to me "I hope you don't move, as I love taking this 'guy' out, he's lovely". We recently had a family emergency and my husband and I were stuck at the GWH for longer than anticipated. We were worried about Max as he needed to have his evening meal and go outside to 'do what dogs do'. I phoned Sarah and explained that I had an emergency, she was shopping at the time, but said she would go around to my house to feed and let Max out on her way home. She did this with no quibbling, and we were so grateful and relieved that Max would be ok until we got home. It has been 4 months now and Max is so happy, he has got fitter, lost a little weight, which he needed to and I have a very happy and contented dog, more than he was before, but I felt he was missing out. Now I know he is happy and being well looked after by people who love their charges, it's not just a job for them, it's a passion. Thank you Cliff, thank you Sarah - Pet Care Pals."

Lynne & Martin

"Having recently moved to Devizes we were searching for doggy day care for our beloved Boston Terrier, Buster. Finding Sarah and her team has been exactly what we were looking for. SNUFFLEWUFFLE (fornerly Pet Care Pals) provides a home away from home service that meets our busy schedules and gives us peace of mind while at work or away on holiday. Buster loves spending time with his carers and we love getting a very happy dog home at the end of the day!"

Lisa & Siobhain

"We are using SNUFFLEWUFFLE (formerly Pet Care Pals) services for walking our two Border Collies as well as house sits when we are away. One of our Collies is very lively and needs lots of exercise whereas the other is an older dog with a serious medical condition. Sarah visited us before we engaged her services to assess the dogs' needs and to pair them with an appropriate dog walker. She then came for a trial walk together with the dog walker to identify appropriate routes in the vicinity and to get the dogs fully acquainted with their Walker. Since then the walker has taken them for several walks and also popped in to throw tennis balls in our garden for the lively Collie while providing company for the other dog. The dogs are both very happy with their new carer. We find that the company provides an extremely responsible and professional service. Their staff are obviously very fond of dogs and we are very comfortable leaving our dogs in their care. We will shortly make use of the home dog boarding service and we and the Collies have met with the family that will provide this service, including walking our respective dogs together. Again, we are very comfortable to leave our dogs with them. We would certainly recommend SNUFFLEWUFFLE to any dog owner."

Lisa & Bob

Zippy and Winston had a lovely weekend away with Sarah and her family. They were nicely exhausted when I picked them up on Sunday evening, and I don't think were particularly overjoyed to see me - they would probably have preferred to stay! They will be going back! It’s lovely that I can go away, knowing that the dogs are happy and well cared for.


"Lottie, our 17 month old Labrador, has just had a 6 day stay with Sarah (her first time away). She has been treated like one of the family and clearly had lots of love and attention alongside 2 long off the lead walks a day with Sarah's two dogs. I can only say fantastic and great peace of mind whilst we enjoyed our holiday. We had a lovely diary of what she had been up to when we came back and communication since initial enquiry has been great. Definitely recommend."


"Finding someone to look after your much beloved pet is not easy and I certainly would not let just anyone look after our dog, so thank goodness that I found Sarah. Initially I met with Sarah and her lovely dogs (Tia and Poppy) and we all went out for a trial walk. Parker then went to Sarah’s for a trial sleep over. He was treated like one of the family from the moment he arrived to the moment we collected him. Sarah kept in contact with me via email (as I was a little anxious). When we collected Parker, he was happy, calm and content. We returned home and he slept for quite some time and seemed completely at ease. He had obviously received enough exercise and cuddles to keep him contented. Sarah had prepared a full report of Parker’s stay, which only endorsed my view of the professional and caring way that she had looked after him. If our dog could talk, I am sure he would say that he cannot wait to revisit in the Summer. Thank you Sarah, see you in the Summer, if not before."


"Our little Labrador puppy stayed with Sarah while we had a family holiday abroad. I met Sarah prior to the stay to ensure that Luna would be okay with her dogs during the stay. We then met up for several walks, which was great as she got to know Luna and Luna got to meet Sarah and her dogs. Luna was made to feel very welcome and part of the family. During her stay we were regularly updated with information about Luna with photos; where she had been and what she had been up to. I could go away with peace of mind knowing that Luna was in excellent hands and being looked after to a high standard of care. She was walked regularly, had freshly baked treats and importantly Sarah continued with Luna's puppy training. I would highly recommend SNUFFLEWUFFLE (formerly Pet Care Pals). I will definitely be using them again in the future. Sarah and her team are fantastic."


"We entrusted our family dog Marley to Pet Care Pals whilst we took a holiday overseas. As anybody who has a pet dog will be aware, it is quite a difficult decision to leave your pet in the hands of others who are not family. This was a decision compounded by the fact that we had a very bad experience when Marley was placed in kennels 6 months previously. We took him to meet Tracy and her own 2 Labrador dogs (Marley is himself a Labrador ) and it was clear immediately given Tracy's response to him that he too would be taking a very enjoyable vacation. Whilst we were away we were provided with regular updates and photo's which reassured us as to his welfare. We were delighted with the service Tracy and her family provided. I would not hesitate in recommending Pet Care Pals to anyone who wishes to place their beloved pet in safe hands - Marley is I am sure looking forward to his next break with them."


"Thank you for arranging for Tracy to look after Max – he really enjoyed his stay and having the company of other dogs. Our original boarding arrangements for Max had fallen through in the week before we were due to go away and we were very worried about finding somewhere suitable for him to stay at such short notice. So we really appreciated that Sarah arranged for us to meet Tracy, so that we could all take Max for a walk and reassure us that he was going to be happy during his stay. Tracy was lovely with Max, took him for plenty of walks and kept him in his routine, she even texted us photos of him while we were away. I’m sure Max will be very happy to be back with Tracy later in the year."

Paul & Anna

"Sarah and Pet Care Pals took all the pressure off the usually stressful process of finding a dog carer for my best friend. Their communicative, informative, flexible and friendly approach gave me immediate confidence and trust in their care and because I was kept informed by Tracy, of how he was settling in, I had complete peace of mind whilst I was away. The beautiful Wiltshire surroundings were the perfect place for my dog to have a holiday. He came back to me a happy, relaxed and well exercised dog. Thank you Sarah & Tracy!"


Tyler really enjoyed his stay with Sarah, a welcoming and caring dog lover, the long country walks and the company of her own dogs was very much to his liking and he will be returning soon for a longer stay. First class service.

John & Carol

"We have two cats (Missy and Fatz). Shelley and I were very impressed with the quick response from SNUFFLEWUFFLE (formerly Pet Care Pals). We had been let down by a family member, who was due to look after the cats for us whilst we were on holiday. We had one week to arrange alternative care!!!! We were assigned Daisy. Daisy came around the house to meet the cats; Daisy was brilliant with the cats and an obvious animal lover. We gave Daisy the instructions, which she followed brilliantly. Overall we are very impressed with the service that we received and will use again."

Kevin & Shelley

"We decided some time ago that our cats were happier and less stressed if we left them at home while we were on holiday instead of putting them in a cattery. When we moved to Devizes, we looked for a 'cat-sitting service' and were lucky to find SNUFFLEWUFFLE (formerly Pet Care Pals) and Caroline. She feeds them, clears the litter trays, emails us to say everything is OK - and even waters the plants. Using SNUFFLEWUFFLE means we don't have to impose on our neighbours and if Caroline is not available, there are always other people to take over. We would definitely recommend the cat-sitting service!"

Jennifer & Robert