Socialisation & Fun

At SNUFFLEWUFFLE, we provide a range of home-from-home dog care services: day care, home boarding, dog walking, home visits and house sitting. It is our aim to find the best care solution for dog. We look after a variety of dogs, from puppies to those that are more elderly, some who are nervous/anxious, and others who may be poorly or recovering from veterinary treatment.

Golden Retriever
White Cat


Familiar Environment

Our cat care clients use the SNUFFLEWUFFLE visiting service when they are away for the day, weekend or go on holiday. A dedicated pet carer will visit your home up to twice daily to check on your cat's well-being by providing play opportunities, feeding and replenishing water supplies, cleaning out litter trays, and administering medication if required.


Specialist Help

SNUFFLEWUFFLE pet carers provide a small animal visiting service for our clients when they are away - whether this is for a day, weekend, or an extended holiday period.  The animals we care for  include small mammals - rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, mice, chinchillas, and ferrets. A range of birds, from parrots and budgies, to chickens, geese and ducks. We also have experts in the care of Reptiles, Amphibeans and Inverts.